Safety counts.

Built for Convenience and Safety.

CensusOT is a revolutionary hands-free kiosk system, designed to enhance member services. Measuring occupancy and tracking a member’s true duration of stay within your facility in real time is now a possibility.

Uncommon in most member occupancy systems, the ability to maintain, display and report accurate utilization requires checkout functionality. CensusOT offers this industry-wide groundbreaking solution, keeping the safety of members and staff at the forefront.

Heighten safety measures for members and staff with CensusOT’s robust benefits.

Membership Assurance

  • Provides visual safety queues
  • Enhance confidence in safety

Facility Management Tool

  • Maintains occupancy compliance
  • Tracks peak times, member trends and true duration of stay
  • Customizable, programmable indicators to assist staff

Reliable Reporting

  • Downloadable CSV (Comma-Separated Values) format, 30-day history
  • Facilitates contract tracing exposure windows


True Member Duration of Stay

How it works:

Checking in: Members use established check-in protocols as they enter the facility. They scan their membership ID fob or can be entered into the system manually (if needed).

Checking out: As members leave the facility, they scan their membership ID fob now at the CensusOT kiosk. Exactly as the check-ins are recorded, each members’ checkout is updated in real time and is recorded within the dashboard, indicating a decrease in occupancy.


Checkout Categories:

There are three types of checkouts. Each form is recorded for reporting purposes.

Scan-out:† The scan-out method means a membership ID was presented and all records will reflect that as a scan-out. This is reported as “Checkout Workstation – Barcode Scan.”

Force-out: The force-out method is a manually entered or management procedure used for various reasons, most commonly due to a lost membership ID. This is reported as “Force-out.”

Time-out: The time-out method occurs in the event all other methods have not been used, and the length of stay has exceeded 2.5 hours. This is reported as “No checkout.”

† A scan-out will override ALL other checkout methods. For example, if a force-out or a time-out had occurred, and a member then scans-out after four hours, the report will reflect a four hour stay and that a scan-out method was used.


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